About Timilearning

Hi there!

My name is Timilehin Adeniran and I work as a Software Engineer in London. Outside of work, I sometimes spend time learning about Computer Science topics that interest me. This blog is where I hope to explain those topics based on my understanding.

There will be two broad categories of posts on this blog: Expository posts and Learning Diary notes. For the expository posts, my goal is to not write anything that I don't understand myself. Every sentence I want to write on this blog will be an idea that I fully understand. As such, I hope to be able to convey certain topics in a way that you are not left feeling confused.

One reservation that I've had regarding setting up a technical blog to explain stuff is that I've felt like there are tons of resources on the topics I know about, and anyone can just find those resources. However, I've realized that setting this up could be of as much benefit for me as it is for you. Having to explain certain topics to you means I need to gain a deep understanding of them. I will also add links to any relevant resources at the bottom of some posts.

I'm available via email if you want to contact me.

Happy reading!

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